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Scarlet Dream


(Flickr – Red Heart by Rune T)


Fields of waterfalls require faith.
Yet, I don’t fear crossings.
I believe in your embrace!
And time is our gift.

We were before the winds essence.
On such veil remains the comet’s core.
If a journey is a condition
I’ll inscribe all the steps until the end.

Every rebirth demands memory.
And I weave the shroud of red stones
into thin moonlight petals
yearning the kisses that fulfil your heart.

Myths of lust stay at bay
as I chase the twilight centaur,
hoping to deserve wisdom words
and return to the pleasure of your curves

My dream?
The scarlet thing in you is my dream.


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Brevidade / Briefness

open arms, originally uploaded by xgray.


a metodologia profana é o desvendar dos dedos.
frágil meio que versa a comunhão do Ser
sem perceber que a coexistência
é um labirinto de vaidades rendilhadas,
albergando breves compassos
plenos de momentos individualizados.

vozes são erigidas diariamente para a subsistência das duas esculturas,
mas é semanalmente que se contraem os voos.

planicies são ilusão.
não há cornucópias na dobra do horizonte.
e, no regaço do declive, os estios serão sempre sazonais.


the profane methodology is the unveiling of fingers.
frail medium about the fellowship of being
unaware that coexistence is a maze of laced vanities,
harboring brief compasses
filled with individual moments.

daily voices are raised to the livelihoods of the two sculptures,
but it’s weekly that flights are constricted.

plains are illusions.
there’re no cornucopias on the horizon bends.
and, in the slope’s lap, summers will always be seasonal.


blue door, originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo….


new doors are born every day.
quiet, awaiting the fingertips grasp.

but inside us, blood is old.
only wind has permission to rejuvenate it.

the way to the darkness core is changing!
wind is time between doors
and doors must be shut.

that’s the essence of rebirth!

existence is an opening movement
that lingers in relativity.

none will return.

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Earth, originally uploaded by Britt601.


No supervision will rise again!
Except the Sun.
                                 Until next night.

Is light concrete
or mere rotation achievement?

Does the sky really change?

Beyond the edge
dark matter rules.
We are a sheer blue dot
surrounded by the vastness of evolution.

If we consider everything
                                                        where’s our significance?

circumstantial absence
                                                    within existence.


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Sunbeams in the Forest, originally uploaded by algo.


Within the Forest of Mysteries,
crossing the corridors of light,
we contemplate the ice caves of the sun.

Such a place favours dreams
where, surrounded by a row of red fire veils,
surfaces the crystal castle.

Yet, I lost myself in time
wandering through sacred passages
searching the green void,
losing the tears of trees.

At the ample and silent edge, I ponder:
How profound is the deep?

And questions are creatures,
simple and quiet,
making the shallow core of the rain
inside yesterday’s breeze.

Perhaps the senses are returning to the cradle?

The obscurity is lit by blue torches.
But inside the white pearl collar
there’s no lifeblood or insignia.

Just a soul of unconscious being.

And I still am
                               my own orphan!

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Blue flames,
scurries souls.

Sandstorms and blights,
lamb’s wool and movies sounds.

Yet opulent,
every fundamental notion is drained.
Ruby mountains are no more!

Gone with the rain,
nothing remains in celluloid.

Drifts of green soil?
Desert lakes.

Irrelevant pieces of desire!


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Substância (para Jackson Pollock)


a face de Deus!
ou corpos que se enrolam no chamar.

leves jóias nos pincéis.
reimpressões dispersas em mel,
crinas amarelas nos corcéis.

desintegro-me na densidade do pleno.
qual breve instante consubstanciado,
no tempo atroz das dúvidas persistentes.

e contemplo a dança viva da cores
na magnitude da desordem criada.

sou submisso do prazer!
no encantamento das flautas douradas.

Shimmering Substance,
liberdade reunida em essência.

*** *** *** *** ***

the face of God!
or bodies that roll in summon.

concise jewels in the brushes.
dispersed reprintings in honey.
yellow locks in the steeds.

I disintegrate myself in the density of the whole.
as a brief consubstantiate instant,
in the atrocious time of the persistent doubts.

and I contemplate the living dance of the colors
in the magnitude of the created chaos.

I am a servant of pleasure!
in the charm of the golden flutes.

Shimmering Substance,
freedom congregated in essence.


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Look at … within

Look at the immense
                                            gap ahead.

Am I lost in the divine?

Belonging to this void
or dreaming in another place?

Look at the fractures
                                            of time.

There’s no continuum.
Where have gone the eras and all past life’s?

Look at the consequence
                                                 of being,
                                                 earthly essence.

Did you found your awareness?

Look at …
               … the reverse mirror within.

Are you real emptiness?


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In between

Lunar Eclipse, upload feito originalmente por Dim Horizon Studio.


In between moments
or choices,
I remain quiet,
awaiting the silence
                                                                 of existence.

But we’re born
before the winds of time.
Nothing blows.
Everything is

In between moments
or choices …
                                … of life.


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