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Do you believe in destiny ?

Há linhas destinadas a reencontrarem-se.

O que está por escrever,
é a decisão do momento.


There are lines destined for reencounter.

What is unwritten,
is the decision of the moment.

in Livro dos Pensares e das Tormentas, 153, 5 de Julho de 1998


Earth, originally uploaded by Britt601.


No supervision will rise again!
Except the Sun.
                                 Until next night.

Is light concrete
or mere rotation achievement?

Does the sky really change?

Beyond the edge
dark matter rules.
We are a sheer blue dot
surrounded by the vastness of evolution.

If we consider everything
                                                        where’s our significance?

circumstantial absence
                                                    within existence.


in Substance(S)



Blue flames,
scurries souls.

Sandstorms and blights,
lamb’s wool and movies sounds.

Yet opulent,
every fundamental notion is drained.
Ruby mountains are no more!

Gone with the rain,
nothing remains in celluloid.

Drifts of green soil?
Desert lakes.

Irrelevant pieces of desire!


in Substance(S)

Look at … within

Look at the immense
                                            gap ahead.

Am I lost in the divine?

Belonging to this void
or dreaming in another place?

Look at the fractures
                                            of time.

There’s no continuum.
Where have gone the eras and all past life’s?

Look at the consequence
                                                 of being,
                                                 earthly essence.

Did you found your awareness?

Look at …
               … the reverse mirror within.

Are you real emptiness?


in Substance(S)

In between

Lunar Eclipse, upload feito originalmente por Dim Horizon Studio.


In between moments
or choices,
I remain quiet,
awaiting the silence
                                                                 of existence.

But we’re born
before the winds of time.
Nothing blows.
Everything is

In between moments
or choices …
                                … of life.


in Substance(S)