blue door, originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo….


new doors are born every day.
quiet, awaiting the fingertips grasp.

but inside us, blood is old.
only wind has permission to rejuvenate it.

the way to the darkness core is changing!
wind is time between doors
and doors must be shut.

that’s the essence of rebirth!

existence is an opening movement
that lingers in relativity.

none will return.

in Substance(S)


6 responses

  1. Vicente!

    The doors must be the same as the life.

    The essence of rebirth lay down when the doors shut. The wind is only a way. Once the doors have been shut nothing more we can do.

    Enjoyng the present time of life.

    Very beaultifull!



    Dezembro 9, 2010 às 01:00

  2. Lisette

    There’re those who believe in the return.

    I? I just ADORE your words.

    Miss you,


    Dezembro 9, 2010 às 15:30

  3. Mike Hooper

    My friend, precisely as you once said:

    “Time is not measured on a human scale”.


    Dezembro 10, 2010 às 23:09

  4. I

    A whole new world in your hands…

    Dezembro 12, 2010 às 14:03

  5. oceanus


    ….Soul receives from soul that knowledge,

    never return as the same again!


    Dezembro 14, 2010 às 19:29

  6. Maria Madalena Schuck

    Very, very beautiful!

    Novembro 30, 2011 às 19:25

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