Sunbeams in the Forest, originally uploaded by algo.


Within the Forest of Mysteries,
crossing the corridors of light,
we contemplate the ice caves of the sun.

Such a place favours dreams
where, surrounded by a row of red fire veils,
surfaces the crystal castle.

Yet, I lost myself in time
wandering through sacred passages
searching the green void,
losing the tears of trees.

At the ample and silent edge, I ponder:
How profound is the deep?

And questions are creatures,
simple and quiet,
making the shallow core of the rain
inside yesterday’s breeze.

Perhaps the senses are returning to the cradle?

The obscurity is lit by blue torches.
But inside the white pearl collar
there’s no lifeblood or insignia.

Just a soul of unconscious being.

And I still am
                               my own orphan!

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4 responses

  1. The Mysteries of the deep in a forest, in our soul, the silence where the life is alive.

    Very Beautifull!

    Vicente, Passei aqui, para lhe desejar um Natal de muita Paz, um Ano repleto de realizações, e saiba que estará comigo espiritualmente.

    Boas Festas



    Dezembro 22, 2009 às 00:08

  2. Mike Hooper

    My friend,

    mystical words, self awareness.


    Janeiro 9, 2010 às 23:39

  3. No words, just feelings.



    Janeiro 11, 2010 às 18:51

  4. Long time no see. And I find you here.
    I was unaware of your poetry writing.
    It’s a huge surprise. Well done. Powerfull words.
    And the blog is amazing.

    Pls check yr email.

    Janeiro 12, 2010 às 23:57

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