Blue flames,
scurries souls.

Sandstorms and blights,
lamb’s wool and movies sounds.

Yet opulent,
every fundamental notion is drained.
Ruby mountains are no more!

Gone with the rain,
nothing remains in celluloid.

Drifts of green soil?
Desert lakes.

Irrelevant pieces of desire!


in Substance(S)

8 responses

  1. Mike Hooper

    Profound words,
    great photo.

    (Monument Valley, Utah, where ruby mountains only can be seen at the sunset)


    Julho 20, 2009 às 18:35

  2. Todos os desertos

    são patrimonios

    dos silêncios

    Julho 21, 2009 às 00:31

  3. No deserto nascem os feiticeiros da sede…

    Julho 21, 2009 às 14:13

  4. Imagem e texto em casamento perfeito.
    Beijo pelo poema.

    Julho 21, 2009 às 19:59

  5. Mirse

    Amazing poem.

    The nature has been destroyed that’s why desert lakes emerge.

    Turns irrelevant every kind of desire.

    Congratulations, Vicent!


    Julho 22, 2009 às 00:26

  6. As usual, wide open words.

    Is it the “Meaning” of dreams?

    (My dear friend, a new tournament is about to start. The team needs you. Pls contact me. Kiss.)


    Julho 24, 2009 às 16:29

  7. palavras abertas para um espaço largo.
    belo. beijo

    Julho 27, 2009 às 14:24

  8. obrigada….!!!!


    Julho 30, 2009 às 14:58

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